Stop paying for your accountant’s education

Most accountants need a crash course on the marketing and communications industry, on your dime, before they can even begin to answer your questions. And even then you wonder if they really get it. Not Vince. A lifetime working in and for marketing and communications agencies allows him to concentrate all of his efforts on customized solutions that will free your time.

Accounting services include:

  • Accounting Consultation
  • Banking Reviews
  • Bookkeeping
  • Budgeting and Forecasts
  • Client Profitability Reports
  • Commodity Taxes
  • Compensation Planning
  • Financial Statements
  • Internal Reporting
  • External Reporting
  • Inter-company Reporting
  • International Reporting
  • Onsite CFO Services
  • Profit Sharing Concepts
  • Representation to the Tax Authorities
  • Special Financial Reporting
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Returns - Corporate, Individual and Trust
“Vince’s knowledge of the advertising industry and his understanding of financial management and accounting have had a very significant impact on the profitability of our agency over the past two years.”
— Judd Van Slyck, Phoenix Group